Longines Heritage Military Series Black Dial Waterproof Replica Watches UK

Vintage, throwback, heritage. These are all words that have bombarded us regularly, and they can mean a variety of things. Most of it is simply marketing fluff, used to denote a particular look or design that may have no actual ties to history, and is simply made to look old (such as a forced patina on a case or “vintage-colored” lume). Then again,… More →

Seiko Spirit Giugiaro Design Limited Edition ‘Rider’s Chronograph’ Replica Watches UK

Seiko and Giugiaro: for some, this may sound like a very unlikely collaboration, but fans of the two brands will know that they have been working together on some of the coolest Seiko watches for over three decades now – and that’s pretty legit. Today, a new chapter opens with the Seiko Spirit Giugiaro Design Limited Edition “Rider’s Chronograph” watches that… More →