Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Series Black Dial NATO-style Strap Replica Watches UK

The United States is currently the largest watch market in the world, and the king of that market is the three-hand sports Baume & Mercier replica watches with a date window. Whether that’s your favorite kind of watch or not (and, yes, I know how many of you feel about the date window), talk to any retailer or brand rep and you’re going to get the same answer: to compete for customers and sales, you’ve got to have a strong sports watch.

The Clifton Club collection essentially consists of five models, plus some strap and bracelet variations that can be swapped in and out to get exactly what you’re looking for. All five start with the same construction, which includes a 42mm stainless steel case¬†Baume & Mercier fake watches that comes in at a comfortable 10.3mm thick. With the short, curved lugs, the result is a watch that wears really close to the wrist and feels even slimmer than the measurements would suggest. Also, look at the thick bevels on the lugs below. The little bit of polish on the otherwise brushed case adds some contrast, plus it’s a nice nod to historic dive watches from the 1960s and 1970s.

Black dial Baume & Mercier replica watches UK.

Throughout the models you’ll notice bright orange accents on the running seconds hand as well as on the uni-directional dive bezels. In all cases the dials have a slightly stepped shape, with a recessed center section that goes a long way towards making the watches look high-end. There are also bright luminous markers at the hours and a large Phi logo (Baume & Mercier’s symbol) up at 12 o’clock. To be honest, I wish the Phi wasn’t there or was a bit smaller, but it’s not nearly as distracting in person as it appears in photos.

From there, you get a number of color and finish options. You can opt for a black dial with a steel bezel, a black dial with a black bezel, a white dial with a black bezel, a blue dial with a blue bezel, or, the boldest option of the bunch, an all black version with a black ADLC case. One nice touch is that the black-dial models all have black date discs for a more cohesive look.

Steel bracelet Baume & Mercier fake watches UK.

As far as straps go, you’ve got a few options there as well. There’s a calfskin strap that Baume & Mercier calls the “All Roads” strap, which has a sailcloth pattern on it and orange trip (it looks exactly like fabric from a distance) a bright orange NATO-style strap Baume & Mercier replica watches UK, a vented black rubber strap (which you can see on the all-black model below), and a stainless steel link bracelet. I found the bracelet to be pretty comfortable, but the vented rubber strap was truly outstanding.

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