Hamilton Intramatic 68 Autochrono Limited Edition Black Dial Machinal Movement Replica Watches UK

When it comes to chronographs, we do have a soft spot for pieces that features the twin register layout. The arrangement, dubbed as uni-compax (i.e. two registers horizontally) or bi-compax (i.e. two registers, either horizontally or vertically), is timeless and provides great symmetry to the dial design.

The chronograph, as many readers might know, is essentially a complication that features a stop-Hamilton cheap fake watches function. It allows the users to keep track and record the time for a particular event. Over the years, especially in the earlier part of the 20th century, chronographs have found themselves in various applications. From being used to calculate speed (tachymeter) and heart rate (pulsometer), to calculating the timings of artillery fire.

Limited edition Hamilton replica watches UK.

However, for today’s article, we are focusing on twin register chronographs. There is always this thing about twin register chronographs, in terms of its aesthetics. It is beautiful, and it appeals to us greatly because of its cleaner design (fewer sub-dials means a less cluttered dial overall) and the balance that it provides. So, what are the six pieces that made it to the list today? Let’s find out!

We begin with the timepiece that gave us the inspiration for today’s article: the Hamilton Intramatic Hamilton 68 Autochrono Limited Edition replic watches UK.

This particular Hamilton immediately caught our attention when we first saw it. The timepiece, which is a remake of the vintage Hamilton Chronomatic in the 60s, is stunning to say the least. We love the way it looks – especially with the contrasting sub-dials (against the black dial), the detailing (such as the use of the old Hamilton logo, and the design of sub-dial), as well as the “pump-pusher” actuators.

Priced at US$2,195 (approximately S$3,080), the 42mm Valjoux 7750-based timepiece is certainly a nice addition for collectors who wish to buy an entry-level chronograph. The Hamilton fake watches are limited to 1968 pieces, and we reckon that this is going to sell-out pretty fast.

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