Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer Edition Luminous And Diving Replica Watches UK

Bucherer is one of the Europe’s biggest watch retailers, and reputed to be the continent’s biggest seller of Rolex. With its 130th anniversary coming up in 2018, the Swiss retailer unveiled over a dozen “Bucherer Blue” special editions created just for the occasion. One of the most affordable, and perhaps the most compelling, is the Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue.

Announced in May 2017, the Black Bay Bronze Blue Bucherer is Tudor’s replica watches first retailer-exclusive edition (though according to those in the know, not the last). Thanks to a gentleman in Geneva and accommodating Bucherer store manager, I managed to land one a few days after the launch and have been wearing it for much of the last seven weeks.

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As with all of Tudor’s Heritage watches, the Black Bay Bronze Blue Tudor fake watches a lot of watch for the money. For just under US$4000, you get a solid, proprietary movement inside a well made case in the material du jour. And of course the bonus of an uncommon colour palette in “Bucherer Blue”.

When the ordinary Black Bay Bronze was introduced last year, I found it an appealing proposition at just the right price. Higher-end bronze watches were mostly overpriced for what they were, while more basic offerings were, well, basic, mainly ETA movements inside inexpensively made cases.

But I didn’t cross the Rubicon for the Black Bay Bronze for two reasons. One was the brown dial and chestnut bezel, both of which are too similar to the colour of the case, especially after the bronze darkens over time. And the second factor was the colour combination lacked of contrast against East Asian skin (I am of Chinese descent).

So the Black Bay Bronze Blue hit the mark. It’s a handsome combination.  The “Bucherer Blue” on the Tudor (it is not the same across all the Bucherer editions) is a dark shade of the colour, which works well with the granular “gilt” print on the dial.

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If there is one nit to pick with the dial, it is the plain, sans serif font used for the lettering. Given the vintage inspiration behind this watch, and the entire Heritage line in fact, a serif font would have been more fitting.

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